Previous and Current Work

Long Beach Like A Local Campaign 

In efforts to showcase the diversity of Long Beach’s local community, both in the communities that call the city home, and in the diverse array of urban waterfront activities enjoyed by visitors and local’s alike, the Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau selected five diversity, culinary, travel and lifestyle focused digital influencers to come to Long Beach to promote the diversity and local activities found in the city. In addition to the social media and editorial coverage secured from the campaign, the assets were also repurposed for the Visit Long Beach social media accounts, as well as backlinked on the Visit Long Beach blog.


– To elevate Long Beach’s reputation in the digital space as a diverse and inclusive community as well as raise awareness for the cultural significance of locally owned businesses, restaurants, and community organizations in the city.

– To secure assets to repurpose for Visit Long Beach’s social media, to have Long Beach partners and the Visit Long Beach site backlinked using influencer platforms.


  • Identify, secure, vet and contract 5 digital influencers in the diversity, travel, lifestyle and culinary segments.
  • Curate an itinerary specific to the niches of the group of content creators, optimized for photo and videography opportunities.
  • Require each influencer to tag/ link to key Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau hotel, restaurant and activity partners.



Collectively, the five digital influencers brought into destination produced:

  • 252 pieces of content across Instagram, Instagram stories, and influencer blogs
  • 27,081,636 potential impressions or timeline deliveries
  • 810,524 engagements
  • An average engagement rate of 3.88% per content piece
  • 143 links or tags to destination partners or the Visit Long Beach website


Follow Me To Jackson 

In efforts to diversify its online resources to visitors beyond their digital visitors guide, Visit Jackson sought assistance in creating a highly integrated content campaign which showcased the city’s offerings in culture, history, culinary, road trip and family experiences, while also serving as a living trip planning guide for prospective visitors.

The resulting campaign, titled Follow Me To Jackson, involved a series of influencer visits with custom-built itineraries, later turned into blog-style, digital itineraries, integrating the influencer’s content from the trip into their custom-blog posts which live on a new, campaign-specific microsite. The influencers then were tasked with promoting the blog post to their audience, asking them to “follow” their experience through the Jackson, Mississippi, the City With Soul.


·         Increase awareness of Jackson as a leisure destination, while providing potential visitors with a series of itineraries to choose from based on the influencer’s trips.

·         Drive at least 1,000 visits to the Follow Me To Jackson campaign microsite

  • Secure 245,000 engagements and 20 million impressions from influencer content
  • Secure at least 40 pieces of content for Visit Jackson and partners to repurpose at a future date.

·         Produce an ROI of at least 3:1 in estimated advertising equivalency.

·         Secure high-quality digital content created by influencers that Visit Jackson could leverage at a future date.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Americans who prioritize cultural experiences such as food, music and art as a focus of their travel.


DCI secured seven niche influencers, who visited Jackson from March – July of 2019, with objectives of having the influencers produce social, visual and editorial content that establishes destination awareness, drives engagement to the campaign microsite and provides compelling assets for Visit Jackson to use moving forward.

  • Researched and curated a list of influencers who produced content aligned with the verticals of the campaign: culinary, family, travel, culture (music, art, history).
  • Secured seven influencers, who visited Jackson from March-July of 2019, with objectives of having the influencers produce social, visual and editorial content that establishes destination awareness, drives engagement to the campaign microsite and provides compelling assets for Visit Jackson to use moving forward.


  • Pitched opportunity to targeted influencers and negotiated contracts and deliverables. All influencers needed to link back to their custom blog post on the campaign microsite, encouraging users to recreate their own trip to Jackson, Mississippi.


  • Designed and launched a custom campaign microsite, which serves as a hub for the content of the campaign, but owned (blog posts) and sponsored (influencer photos and video content embedded from Instagram and YouTube)


  • Worked with the destination and influencers to create custom-made itineraries, specific to the focus of the influencer, and managed writing, editing and posting the itineraries into blog posts with influencer-embedded content created to live on the campaign microsite.


  • Created custom UTM links for influencers to link back to campaign microsite, tracked by Google Analytics.


  • Worked with all influencers to ensure itineraries were executed as planned and content deliverables were met and delivered to the client by each individual deadline.


MESSAGE: Jackson, Mississippi’s diverse culture and soulful energy can be experienced in all aspects of the city, whether it’s the food, music, art, and vibrancy of the locals; making it a unique and meaningful place to visit for those looking for a heartfelt domestic vacation.


  • More than 300 posts across seven influencer channels
  • Nearly 2.5 million potential audience reach of messaging
  • More than 24 million in impressions or timeline deliveries
  • More than 501k in total engagements
  • Influencers drove over 1,034 visits to the campaign microsite




Catch The Winter Wave: A Visit California Digital Influencer Campaign

To highlight the diverse array of winter activities available in the state, Visit California partnered with three outdoor and adventure-focused digital influencers as part of an integrated campaign around the 2017-18 snow season.

Each influencer experienced a “Catch the Winter Wave” itinerary, taking in beach and ski destinations across the Golden State. Each was tasked with content creation and social amplification across respective blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels and Instagram stories.

Topline Results included:

  • 170 pieces of unique content
  • A combined reach of 12.2 million
  • Over 19.3 million impressions
  • Over 1.2 million engagements
  • Over $4.5 million in advertising value

City With Soul Digital Influencer Campaign: Visit Jackson 

Y travel blog pic.png

In a dual effort to showcase the variety of travel, family, culture and culinary offerings found in Jackson, Mississippi, as well as promote Visit Jackson’s recent docuseries, City With Soul;  I partnered with Visit Jackson p to develop the strategy, engagement and activation of the City with Soul Influencer Program, securing six top-tier, targeted influencers, with the goal of producing social, visual and editorial content that establishes destination awareness, driving social engagement, building SEO authority and providing compelling content for Visit Jackson’s use in the future.

Not only did this campaign win an HSMAI Award (Silver) in the influencer category, it produced:

  • 483 posts across six influencer channels
  • More than 2.7 million potential audience reach of messaging and 22 million+ timeline deliveries
  • More than 243k in total engagements
  • Influencers drove more than 600 visits to City with Soul Docuseries


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